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Weight Plates Buying Guide

Weight Plates Buying Guide – What Weight Plates do I Need

There is a lot of selection when it comes to buy weight plates for your center or home fitness center. But What Weight Plates do I Need ? It’s essential to get it right, as – let’s face it. Different weight plates are used for various exercises. And with numerous to choose from, deciding on which ones are right for you can be challenging. We’ve produced this comprehensive weight plates buying guide to provide an introduction of the different weight plate products that are presently readily available on the marketplace.

Listed below, we experience each kind of plate to help you make up your mind, in addition to several of the factors to consider you might need to make relying on how you wish to educate. Relying on the sort of weight lifting you are planning on doing, this buying guide will help you acquire the most appropriate weight plate products for your home or commercial center.

Different Sizes of Weight Plates

If you are thinking about purchasing weight plates, for either home or commercial use, it’s incredibly important to understand the various discs that are readily available.

Olympic Plates have a 2″ (50.6 mm) diameter centre opening. These come as a conventional dimension across the entire fitness industry. This is valuable as they fit all commercial bars as well as a lot of plate packed health club devices varies such as our Sterling range.

Standard Plates used to be the primary choice for home health clubs. Yet with well equipped home health clubs on the rise, this is changing. Requirement discs only have a 1″ size hole as well as will certainly not fit on an Olympic bar. As a result, it’s extremely important that they are denied with this usage in mind!

Studio plates are specific to group workout. They are universal to classes like Les Mills’ body pump, throughout which individuals generally will not be dealing with really heavy loads. These plates tend to be rubber covered, tiny in dimension, typically with deals with and brightly coloured. They are easy to recognize as well as store, and can be rapidly added as well as eliminated from specialized studio weight bars. They have a little 30mm centre hole.

Different Types Weight Plates Materials

The material of your weight plate will affect the type of exercise you participate in. At a gym, you do not have much of an option. When acquiring your very own set, it pays to think about just how you prepare on working out in the future. In addition, some products are a lot more durable than others. You want your weight readied to be an investment, so see to it you acquire something that lasts a long time without degrading too much.

  • Cast Iron Weight Plates

Cast iron weight plates are amongst the most durable of all the materials. Even if you drop them, they keep their resilience, as well as you don’t need to worry about cracks or various other damages creating.

standard barbell plates

They might be the most affordable option. The least pricey traditional plates are made from bare iron. This produces a loud gym. These plates clang as well as bang as well as might not be the best idea for home gyms where noise is an element. Yet, you need to be mindful about leaving them outside or in a humid atmosphere like a garage. They are prone to rust, so you wish to ensure they do not come into contact with moisture. Also plates that have been repainted, powder coated, or in some way plated will certainly all corrode. This doesn’t alter their weight, however it does alter their appearances. It can also cause them to be rough on your hands.

This is why a bulk of today’s iron plates are coated in one of two products. By covering the plates, deterioration and damages is avoided. This is the route to go if you go with standard plates as well as have a little additional in the budget.

One more issue some lifters have with actors iron plates is that you can’t drop them. You can wind up harmful your floor, so you intend to ensure you gently set the weights on the ground after a set.

  • Rubber Coated Weight Plates

Rubber coated weight plates feature a rubber layers for safety and security, protection as well as long life. The rubber coating assists safeguard both the weight plate as well as the floor to a specific level. The coating makes sure that home plates are much longer long-term and harder wearing.

Rubber Coated Grip Plates

With rubber layered weight plates, it is rather usual to see terms like “non-standard Olympic plates”. Non-standard Olympic plates are plates which fit Olympic bars but have a reduced circumference when compared to a traditional Olympic weight plate. The main thing which makes a plate non-standard is the existence of grasps. This makes them simpler to lift off the ground and also to re-rack once the user has completed their set. It likewise makes doing certain workouts, like plate front raises, a whole lot less complicated.

One of the most usual layer is rubber. Rubber is a wonderful, durable, inexpensive material for this purpose. On the other side, rubber will certainly have a pair of disadvantages other than not keeping its appearances. As a basic guideline, less expensive rubber has a more powerful smell.

  • Urethane Coated Weight Plates

Urethane Grip Plates

Plates coated in urethane are considered the best of the 3 meterials. The benefit is that it likewise occurs to be the most long lasting product out there. Urethane is extremely durable and also does not damage or mar as quickly as rubber. It’s likewise a smoother and a lot more enticing finish. Additionaly, urethane does not scent negative. This, for me, is a significant advantage over rubber coated plates.

This is why you have a tendency to locate urethane plates at gyms. The gym naturally doesn’t intend to spend for brand-new plates all the time with different individuals dropping them frequently.
Urethane plates have been known to last for years. It’s ideal to consider buying weight plates made from this material as a financial investment you’ll benefit from for years.

As a result, urethane plates are one of the most pricey product available.

Last but not least, there’s no various in how you utilize rubber, urethane, or cast iron weights and also no difference in the resistance they provide. It primarily boils down to look, feel, longevity, and also whether it’s risk-free to drop them!

Others Thought About Weight Plates Buying

As you know, plate materials play an important duty in the length of time you can expect them to last. However, it’s much from the only element to consider. Throughout your search, you might recognize that not all plates look the same. There are certain variations you may figure out there, so it is necessary to take into consideration the kind of workouts you plan on using your weights for to make sure that you can be particular you get the perfect ones for your requirements.


Another information to keep in mind concerning standard plates is their shape. There can be a number of aspects of their style that will certainly add to their use. Considering that they can differ extremely from manufacturer to manufacturer, it’s important to know where distinctions can crop up.

Many weight plates are round or rounded. Nonetheless, you’ll also find plates at some gyms that are hexagonal and have a few flat sides. Mostly, this is a small visual distinction. Nevertheless, hexagonal plates are a bit more steady when put flat on the ground as well as won’t roll about as a lot. The drawback is that deadlifting with hexagonal plates can be challenging. If the flat side does not boil down correctly, it might mess up your rhythm as well as variety of motion.

12 sided weight plates

For some reason, you’ll find 8 and also 12-sided weight plates right here as well as there. When carrying out any type of lift that finishes or begins on the floor, you want your plates to be round. If they aren’t, the flat surface areas on the outer edge of home plates can make them move.


Another aspect of the board design is the enhanced handle on the board itself. For example, with 5 and 10 pound plates, selecting them up and loading them on the bar is very easy. But with 35 and also 45 lb plates, it ends up being a lot more troublesome. That’s why several weight plates manufacturers craft hand holds right into their plates. Often, as in the old school iron plates, there is just a lip all the way around the beyond home plate. Various other times, it’s real handles.

What you intend to steer clear of from are mostly smooth discs. They look great, but are much more challenging to pack on as well as off the bar.
One more advantage of handles is that they allow you to make use of home plate itself as an execute. Whether it’s for shrugs, lateral raises, or loaded lugs, having an easy means to safely grip allows you to utilize it even without packing it onto a bar.

Rubber Grip Olympic Plate

Nonetheless, if you acquire weight plates with handles, after that many other exercises open up to you. You’re able to make use of home plate by itself for a litany of lifts that help target muscle groups you may not generally have the ability to exercise. Some of the workouts you can do with handles include: Overhead press, Side bend, Squat reach, Squat press, Chest squeeze press, Front shoulder raise, and so on. So, it’s a great method to blend points up and also maintain your exercises interesting. When the plate has an opening or handle, it’s a little less complicated to navigate as well as position on the bar.


A commonly overlooked aspect of plate layout is its bevel. The bevel is a notch that is taken off of the outer edge of home plate so it’s not completely square. This notch offers 2 purposes.
it permits you to pick up a plate off the ground when it has been laid down flat. Without a bevel, home plate’s edge meets the ground flush and also you can’t get your fingers under it to pick it up.
Second, it enables you to separate the plates when they are on your bar. When discharging plates, it is much easier to pull each plate far from the next if there is a bevel.


Bumper plates are a great deal much more common currently than they ever have been. You can drop them without damaging or your floor. They are much quieter. They are much easier to handle and in my viewpoint look a great deal nicer than traditional plates. Their appeal has actually been stimulated by CrossFit because the sort of lifting done in CrossFit requires bumper plates over typical plates. That does not indicate you require to be doing CrossFit at home to warrant bumper plates. You don’t. I do no CrossFit kind workouts and also no Olympic lifting (the other sort of training that requires bumpers) as well as I still prefer to mainly make use of bumper plates.


  • SIZE

One of the most noteworthy differences in between bumper plates as well as standard is the outer diameter. With traditional plates, home plates change in both thickness as well as diameter as the weight of home plate modifications. With bumper plates, the size continues to be consistent while only the density changes.

There is, nevertheless, one variance to this consistent size with some brand names of bumpers. Sometimes 15 as well as 10 lb bumper plates are made to be a somewhat smaller sized diameter. Because they are less durable due to their lack of thickness, this is. By making them a somewhat smaller size, when a loaded bar is gone down, just the heavier and a lot more long lasting weights struck the flooring. The smaller sized size weights do not make call as well as therefore avoid damage to the plate.

Better manufacturers merely make their 10 as well as 15 pound plates much more resilient as well as for that reason maintain them the same diameter. This is just one of the factors I selected the plates I presently use. By making them a slightly smaller diameter, when a loaded bar is dropped, only the heavier and more durable weights hit the floor. The smaller diameter weights don’t make contact and thus prevent damage to the plate.

Better manufacturers simply make their 10 and also 15 pound plates a lot more long lasting as well as for that reason keep them the exact same diameter. This is among the reasons I selected the plates I currently make use of.


Unlike the typical plates explained above, bumpers are just round. No unusual hexagonal plates to stay clear of. This is the shape that can be dropped securely.
With the exception of the occasionally smaller sized 10 and also 15 pound plates I already mentioned, all weights are the same diameter. This is another difference from conventional plates.
Unlike traditional plates, bumpers will be harder to handle. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s worth noting.
Especially after deadlifting when your grip and fingers are pretty weak to start with!!!
All else being equal, try to buy plates that have a nice bevel. You’ll be thankful for this small detail.


One more very noticeable distinction that bumper plates offer the table is color. Conventional plates are usually black or grey. Howerver, there are numerous versions readily available in bright colors.

The factor of the color distinction is to assist you easily identify the weight of the plate. Since they are all the same diameter, they can be harder to differentiate.
The colors used by the majority of manufacturers represent a plan standard by the two major weight lifting federations. The IWF (Global Weightlifting Federation) and the IPF (Worldwide Powerlifting Federation) have actually set forth a standardized color set to be made use of in competitors.

Strong black will certainly be the least expensive, but if you intend to add some flair to your garage or basement weightlifting, you can constantly spend a little bit more and go colored! For those on a spending plan, the basic addition of colored electric tape to the edges of black bumpers functions extremely well.


Virgin rubber does not come from ground up tires. There is no binding representative to stress over. That indicates it’s scent is extremely light. This is a significant selling factor for me and also a large part of why I have the certain bumper plates that I do. It likewise tends to be extra long lasting. There are, naturally, differences in longevity based on the manufacturer, but overall virgin rubber will last longer than reused.

I absolutely like my virgin rubber bumper plates from Manta Fitness. If I was to start all over from square one, I ‘d purchase these once more in a heartbeat. They are sturdy, look excellent, as well as will certainly last a lifetime! Seriously, if you remain in the market for bumper plates, you can not go wrong with the Manta bumpers!


Standard bumper plates are designed to be utilized for workouts that involve the flooring in some way. They’re developed to be dropped routinely making them ideal for workouts such as deadlifts.

Drops from a higher height nonetheless are mosting likely to be fairly loud. They’re best for more regulated activities. Utilize them with a typical, straight 7ft Olympic barbell, or bars that also include floor work such as axle bars, thick grip bars and also farmers stroll handles.

Ideal matched for: 7ft barbell, shrug bar, axle bar, thick grip bar, Swiss bar, Farmer’s walk handles (done in Olympic size).


Colored rubber bumper plates are really similar to standard black bumper plates. Each dimension is a particular colour so you can conveniently recognise the weight load without having to examine the side.

Finest suited for: 7ft barbell, shrug bar, axle bar, thick grip bar, Swiss bar, Farmer’s stroll handles, Multi Grip Strongman Log (all in Olympic size).


Crumb rubber bumper plates really feel slightly different to standard bumper plates. They’re incredibly sturdy as well as when dropped, they bounce higher than standard bumper plates.

If you’re mosting likely to be doing high-impact, Olympic weightlifting, after that it’s ideal to pair these plates with our 7ft Olympic 20kg Barbell or our Women’s 15kg Olympic Barbell

You can still utilize them with the exact same bars you would typically make use of standard bumper plates with.

crumb bumper plates

Ideal matched for: 7ft Olympic 20kg Barbell or Women’s 15kg Olympic Barbell.

Additional usage with: 7ft barbell, shrug bar, axle bar, thick grip bar, Swiss bar, Farmer’s walk handles, Multi Grip Strongman Log (all in Olympic dimension).


Urethane, at the time I’m writing this, is gaining popularity. This results from the price boiling down to a somewhat bearable level. Do not misinterpret this as them being inexpensive. Overall, they aren’t. Urethane bumpers will cost 2-4 times what a top quality collection of virgin rubber bumpers will. For you, they may be worth it

It will look brand new for years to come. If I ‘d had the budget, I would have bought urethane without a second thought.

The third difference is plate thickness. Urethane is significantly thinner than rubber. This implies that you can pack even more plates onto your barbell. It likewise suggests the weight is located closer to the center of your bar. When lifting extremely heavy, this makes a huge distinction in the security of the load.

In my opinion, the colored urethane plates are beautiful. They have the brightest and most vibrant color of any of the available bumper plates.

If you believe urethane is the instructions you will go, there is no better selection for urethane plates than the collection made by American Barbell. If I were buying polyurethane bumpers, this is the only set I would definitely consider. They are by far the best-made and nicest looking established readily available today!


Competition bumper plates have a steel inner plate. This makes them more long lasting so they’re suitable for high effect workouts. They likewise have a ‘dead bounce’ which allows you to remain in control when dropping the bar. Basically, they are usually nicer looking and also are often a superior durability & quality. It likewise looks trendy, but that’s not the center’s key feature.

If you are a competitive lifter, and by that I mean you actually complete in IWF or IPF sanctioned events, after that it may deserve it. The primary distinction in competition plates is that they are guaranteed to weigh within 10 grams (.02 pounds) of their stated weight. All the major plates suppliers have plates that are close sufficient to the stated weight so as not to matter to a lot of garage gym lovers. But non licensed plates can vary in weight as much as 10% from stated weight. This is why competition plates have a strong steel visible center item. It’s this facility hub that permits precise adjustment of plate weight. If it’s in the budget, or you seem like you need competition plates, just buy them.

rubber bumper plates

Perfect for Olympic weightlifting, they’re best for our 7ft Olympic 20kg Barbell and our Women’s 15kg Olympic Barbell. Nevertheless, you can likewise use them with the exact same bars that you would generally pair a standard bumper plate with.

Best matched for: 7ft Olympic 20kg Barbell or Women’s 15kg Olympic Barbell.

Additionally, you can use them with: 7ft barbell, shrug bar, axle bar, thick grip bar, Swiss bar, farmer’s walk handles, multi grip strongman log (done in Olympic dimension).

If you actually want bumper plates without spending top buck, Manta Fitness will in some cases have a hot deal. Examine that out right here!


The brief version is that change plates are lighter weight plates that vary from 5 pounds. down do just a fraction of a lb each.
These types of plates are important training help and also I advise having them in your arsenal. For 5 as well as 2.5 lb plates, I utilize standard urethane plates. Nothing special there.
For weights under 2.5 pounds, I make use of a set of fractional plates. I like these and utilize them on a regular basis.

Rubber Change Plates Olympic Rubber Fractional Plates


Which Weight Plates to Buy?

This weight plates buying guide has ideally revealed the different types of weight plates that are made use of for various training designs. Keeping your facility target market in mind or your own physical fitness goals in mind will allow you to figure out which plates fit your needs.

Your set of plates will certainly be with you for a long time. They are one of the three key have to have items of gear you’ll place in your home gym. Take your time and also pick out what’s dead-on for you. On the low end, you can get iron plates for a track. Begin there if you have to. In the long run, if you get on a budget, stay with simple iron plates. Find them utilized if you can. They won’t be the most beautiful point in the world, yet they’ll work. This is the kind of plate that Arnold Schwarzenegger utilized for most of his occupation. At some of the premier barbell clubs around the world are still using this type of plates. It’s an option that brings with it grit and also history and a sense of effort.

Another aspect of plate design is the addition of handles. Sometimes, as in the old school iron plates, there is simply a lip all the way around the outside of the plate. With traditional plates, the plates change in both thickness and diameter as the weight of the plate changes. These types of plates are valuable training aids and I recommend having them in your arsenal. For 5 and 2.5 lb plates, I use traditional urethane plates.

If you require something that’s quieter, less complicated to move, as well as looks nicer, go with rubber or urethane coated plates. You’ll spend progressively a lot more on each, however in my point of view it’s worth the investment.

If you don’t mind the odor, go and save some coin with rubber. If you do mind the smell, as well as you desire your plates to appear like brand-new for many years, go urethane.
Ultimately, a 45 pound plate weighs 45 lbs no matter which kind you get. Don’t get too captured up in things. Set a budget plan and also go from there.

If you are mosting likely to spend the money on bumper plates, get either virgin rubber or urethane.


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