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Calibrated Powerlifting Steel Weight Plates (1.25kg to 25kg)

1) Steel powerlifting plates;

2) Extremely accurate to within +/- 10 grams;

3) Powder coating surface finish;

4) Thin design allow for max loading capacity.

5) Weight ranges from 1.25KG to 25KG

(1.25KG – Chromed; 2.5KG – Black; 5KG – White; 10 KG – Green; 15KG – Yellow; 20KG – Blue; 25KG – Red)



Powerlifting Calibrated Weight Plates

These Olympic calibrated steel plates are accurate to within 10 grams tolerance in weight. And the thin design of each disc allows for max loading capacity and much less storage space. With this kind of weight accuracy, users not only know exactly what they’re lifting, but also have a perfectly balanced barbell. For example, you’ll never have an 20 kg plate on one side and a 18 kg plate on the other. Besides, the calibrated steel weight plates look cool, and let’s be honest… that’s worth something. If you’re interested to wholesale from China Manta, please email your inquiry.

calibrated plates


1) Steel discs;

2) Extremely accurate to within +/- 10 grams;

3) Precise 50 mm collar opening (incompatible with cheap bars);

4) Thin design allow for max loading capacity. Meanwhile, much less storage space is needed;

5) Powder coating surface finish;

6) Colors are vibrant and classy, which make plates beautiful in the gym;

7) Different weight with different colors (1.25KG – Chromed, 2.5KG – Black, 5KG – White; 10 KG – Green; 15KG – Yellow; 20KG – Blue; 25KG – Red);

8) Available in kilograms (KG), as well as pounds (LB).

calibrated plates

Calibrated Plates Worth the Cash?

The prices for machined plates are definitely less in most cases, but not by as much as you may have thought.


So to simplify all this, if users care about accuracy, you should at the very least be looking for machined plates; If money is tight, wholesale some basic machined Olympic plates; But if you can afford the upgrade, consider calibrated steel plates; Even if you do not care about accuracy at all, however, you should look for used machined plates before you buy the cheap cast iron plates.


All in all, if you have the money to spend, Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are worth your investment; but for most people, the machined discs will technically suffice.

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