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Fixed Straight Rubber Coated Barbell (10-55KG)

♦ Comes with a fixed weight, cannot be adjusted

♦ Available in Straight or Curl bars

♦ Size Available: 10-55KG, 5KG Increment

Custom Logo is available



About Rubber Coated Fixed Barbell

Rubber Coated Fixed Barbell Sets come from high quality steel head with impact virgin rubber coating. Thus they offer much protection to floors and other equipment. As for the chrome steel bars, they are available in Straight or Curl chrome steel bars, which feature knurling for secure grip; Instead of using bolts or other fastening methods that eventually come loose, we fully welds their solid steel slugs to each solid steel bar. As the weight of the barbells are not changeable, for example, you choose 15 kg barbell, then it’s just 15 kg, so they don’t come along with spinlock collars or spring collars. This barbell construction method has proven to be superior in demanding commercial environments. The rubber coated fixed barbells set is a great alternative to more expensive urethane barbells, and excel in school weight rooms, corporate wellness centers, as well as commercial gyms.

Features of Rubber Coated Fixed Barbell

1) Type: Fixed Weight Barbell

2) One-piece solid cast head design;

3) Rubber coating helps to reduce noise, and prevents damage to floors or equipment;

4) Hard chrome steel handles, more durable;

5) Bar Knurling: Medium diamond knurl for safety grip;

6) Custom Logo at the end of the heads;

7) Compatible with most fixed weight barbell racks;

8) Fixed Curl Bar is available also.


You can find them at Garage gyms, Home gyms, Commercial gyms, Training studios, Fitness clubs, CrossFit boxes, and so on.


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