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Color Vinyl Hex Dumbbells (0.5KG to 10KG, 1LB to 10LB)

♥ Size Available:
1KG-10KG (1KG increment) & 0.5KG,1.5KG, 2.5KG
1LB-10LB (1LB increment)



About Vinyl Hex Dumbbell

The Vinyl Hex Dumbbell features cast iron construction with vinyl coating. But what is vinyl coating? What’s the difference with the neoprene dumbbells? Here we clearly point out the main difference. Neoprene means the rough textured rubber-feeling style; While vinyl means the smooth, shiny, plastic-feeling style.


What are the advantage of these vinyl coated hex dumbbells? Firstly, the durable vinyl coating is easy to grip and easy to clean. And bright colorful weight increments let you grab just the right dumbbells at a glance. Secondly, anti-roll hex ends allow for easy stacking and convenient storage. You can stack them anywhere without worrying about rolling.


In summary, the hexagonal shape helps to prevent rolling; The vinyl coating helps protect floors and equipment; They have comfortable contoured grips for easy handling. No doubt they are ideal for a variety of personal or group exercises, such as jogging and power walking, aerobics, and even yoga routines.

Features of Vinyl Coated Hex Dumbbell

•  Type: Vinyl Weights

•  Anti-slip and comfortable vinyl coating;

The vinyl finish makes them easy to grip, easy on floors and easy to clean.

•  Hexagonal heads;

The hex ends prevents rolling, so you put them anywhere without worrying.

•  Cast iron construction;

These dumbbells feature cast iron construction, so they are pretty strong and durable.

•  Bright, color-coordinated weight increments;

Let you grab just the right dumbbells for your chosen workout.

• Size Available:

1) 1KG-10KG (1KG increment) & 0.5KG,1.5KG, 2.5KG
2) 1LB-10LB (1LB increment)

•  Ideal for many types of workouts;

They are perfect for a variety of individual and group workouts, such as jogging, power walking, and even yoga routines.

•  Add intensity to your workout.

You can hold them in hands to boost calorie-burning and sculpt strong lean muscles.

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