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Vinyl Dipping Dumbbell (0.5KG to 10KG, 1LB to 10LB)

Size Available: 0.5KG,1KG,1.5KG,2KG,2.5KG,3KG,4KG,5KG,6KG,7KG,8KG,9KG,10KG




Vinyl Dumbbell

Vinyl Dumbbell features cast iron and viny coating with many different colors. The vinyl coating is comfortable to grip, and helpful to protect floors and equipment. In addition, they have comfortable grips for easy handling, and easy to clean. Other than that, the 12-sided shape design have anti-rolling feature. Furthermore, they are pretty beautiful with bright colors, and available in incremental weights ranging from 1 lb to 15 lbs. So they are perfect for a variety of individual and group workouts, such as jogging and power walking, aerobics, and even yoga routines. They are ideal for toning and sculpting arms, shoulders, and back.


1) Type: Vinyl Dumbbells

2) Non-slip Vinyl Coating Finish is easy to grip and easy to clean;

3) Strong, cast iron core construction will not break or bend after repeated use;

4) Bright, color-coordinated weight increments let you grab just the right dumbbells for your chosen workout;

5) 12-sided head allows for easy stacking and convenient storage;

6) Reduces noise;

7) Extra comfortable grip;

8) Weight designations are permanently stamped onto the ends, so sweat and cleaning will not wear them off;

9) Different weights allow you vary the intensity of your workouts;

10) They are ideal to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, and back.


Note: Vinyl dumbbell may not fit on traditional dumbbell racks. 

Difference Between Neoprene and Vinyl Dumbbell

Vinyl and neoprene dumbbells are often used for aerobic classes. They are usually available in one pound increments up to 10 pounds. Most neoprene or Vinyl Dumbbell doesn’t go above 15 pounds. The vinyl or neoprene coating is colorful, making these dumbbells more beautiful than standard dumbbells. The coating provides a protective barrier, so vinyl and neoprene dumbbells don’t damage the wood floors in aerobic studios.


Neoprene dumbbells have a soft, smooth coating with a matte finish. Although the material is smooth, it is not slick and is easy to grip; On the other hand, the vinyl dumbbell has a soft, smooth coating with a glossy finish. Vinyl is smooth and can be slick if wet. But if kept dry, it has an almost sticky quality that makes the dumbbell easy to grip. The vinyl covering on a dumbbell is more prone to splitting and cracking then neoprene covering.

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