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The origin of China Manta Fitness can be traced back to 2005, used to focus on the production and export of mill rolls. Now Manta Fitness developed into Top 10 of China free weights manufacturers and provide one-stop service. These items include china dumbbells, kettlebells, standard & Olympic barbell, weight plates, barbell collars, and so on. If you are looking for china barbell suppliers, kettlebell and dumbbell manufacturers, weight plate company, you’re at the right place. Please feel free to send an email to make free weights business, or to be Manta’s distributor, especially for the hex dumbbells.

Among free weights manufacturers, what are Manta’s Advantages?

As a free weights manufacturer from China, Manta supplies a broad variety of gym fitness weights, such as dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, kettlebells, and racks. Nowdays, Manta behaves not limited to manufacturer, but expanding to the product design, manufacturing, as well as distribution and marketing of free weights sets. In addition, Manta Fitness warehousing and direct ship services, are also options for customers. Following are some outstanding advantages of Manta.


1) Larger production capacity, and more tools;

2) Specialized requests like custom branding logo can be met; You can set the trademark logo in the following ways: custom mold, modify existing mold, sculpture and silk printing. We will help our customers globalize their brands, and enable our partners to transform and upgrade to form a mutually beneficial and win-win foreign trade ecosystem;

3) From product design to manufacturing is available;

4) With the experience of cooperating with top lever import & export customers, we understand people who are successful in these areas well. So our timely communication, genuine concern for your success turns out to be a part of winning strategy for you and China Manta.


In a word, Manta actively responds to trends and offers a diverse product line, to give multiple options in terms of features and price.