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Weight Plates

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Weight Plates

As a Weight Plates Manufacturer, we supply Olympic Weight Plate, Standard Weight Plate, as well as Studio Weight Plate.

Strength training helps you to improve your metabolism and build bone density. You can build your own collection of weight discs at home to focus on effective workouts for great results. Whether you are looking for individual pieces or full sets, Manta has everything you need.

If you are looking at setting up your own little gym at home, a cast iron weight set is all you need. With different sizes and weights, these plates will allow you to slim down or build muscle like a professional. You can also opt for a rubber bumper set that is solid and resilient. In addition, we also supply chrome plate with a clean and repeatable finish.

Olympic plates can also be selected individually according to the weight you are looking for. Find all the weight training equipment you require, contact us if need any help.