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Multipurpose Barbell

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Multipurpose Barbell

In so many barbells range, the multipurpose barbell is a barbell with both IPF and IWF knurl marks. Generally it’s a 28.5mm barbell. Specially, there are two gaps (marks) in the knurling between the middle of the bar and the ends. The purpose of this design is to help users keep placing their hands. On the IPF bar, the mark is located at the outer limit of where users can perform a bench press with one finger. On the IWF-certified bar, the mark is slightly farther away, to make the typical grip width for snatches. Therefore, this multipurpose barbell is ideal for Crossfit, Powerlifting and Weightlifting.

Importantly, when users do heavy deadlifts, grip is usually the first thing. While a thicker shaft will make it more difficult to hold, forcing you to use chalk or a belt under lighter weight. In order to perform pull and thrust exercises at the same time, it is best to use a 28mm barbell or 28.5mm bar. China Manta Fitness supplies many types of multi purpose barbells, such as women’s barbell, mens barbell, and so on.

So when users are doing a variety of exercises, it is best to have two markers at the same time. These multipurpose barbells are the best choice, due users can ensure their hands are in the correct position. In addition,  the dual knrul marks of multi-purpose barbell will not leave a few inches away and force your eyes.

In a word, multipurpose barbell is the best choice for weightlifting, powerlifting, and commercial and home gym.