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Hard Chrome Barbell Bar – 7 FT, 1500 LB

Materials: Silicon manganese spring steel

Finish: Hard Chrome

Bar Length: 7′ / 86″ / 2200MM

Diameter: 28.5MM

Bar Weight: 20KG / 44LB

Tensile Strength: 190k PSI

Knurl: 6

Load bearing: 1500 LB

Chrome Barbell Set: 8HK(39*17*28)+ 2 Sleeves(39.4*14*28.4)+ Collars + Aluminum OEM End Card 



About Hard Chrome Barbell

This barbell is crafted with high quality solid steel coated in a durable Chrome finish. And following is the main advantages of this Hard Chrome Bar. First, the hard chrome plating is virtually indestructible and will not chip, peel or flake; Second, the diamond knurling on the hand grips supplies a secure, non-slip grip when going working out. Third, the sleeves are designed with bushings that rotate the bar. So they help reduce pain and discomfort on the forearms and wrists. Last but not least, Hard Chrome Bar keeps balance and long lasting performance. In a word, it is perfect addition to any gym, home or studio.

Specifications of Hard Chrome Barbell

chrome barbell

Brand OEM Available
Bar Type Multipurpose Barbell Bar
Materials Silicon manganese spring steel
Finish Hard Chrome on the bar shaft and sleeves
Bar Length 7’ / 2200MM
Diameter 28.5MM
Bar Weight 20KG / 44LB
Knurl Marks Dual
Knurl 6
Tensile Strength  190k PSI
Salt spray test 72h
Load bearing 1500 LB
Sleeve Diameter 2” (Compatible with Olympic Plates)


Hard Chrome Barbell Set:

8HK(39*17*28)+ 2 Sleeves(39.4*14*28.4)+ Barbell Collars + OEM Aluminum End Cards


Some Issues you may concern

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