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Barbell Collars & Clips

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Barbell Collars

What are the Benefits of Using a Barbell Collar?

Barbell collars are an important part of weight lifting. The benefits of a Barbell collar on a barbell or dumbbell is to prevent the weight plate loosing and falling off during use.

If you don’t know anything about weight lifting, it will be a complex and complex science. If the weight plate moves very little, this may affect the stability and balance of the jack and his or her ability to actually lift the weight. The barbell collar prevents heavy objects from swinging or sliding on the barbell, which keeps the lifter stable. Barbell collar is also essential to help keep weightlifters safe. Loose weight may move the weight on the rod and cause the lift to lose balance. If this happens, the weightlifter may overstretch in an unnatural way, causing serious injury (or soreness at best). A barbell collar or Lock-Jaw collar at each end of the barbell to hold the weight in place can prevent this from happening.


After you place the weight disks on the bar, and then put these barbell clamps on the outer side of the disk.

Best Barbell Collars

  1. Olympic Quick Release OSO or Lock Jaw Collars
  2. Olympic Aluminum Barbell Collars
  3. 1 inch Barbell Collars
  4. Spring Clip Collars
  5. Star Lock Collar for threaded bar

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