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Fixed Barbells

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About Fixed Barbells
To secure weights, Fixed Barbells either come with spinlock collars or spring collars. Alternatively, they will come with a fixed weights. In other words, you cannot adjust the weights.

The barbell heads are consist of solid steel inserts fully encased in rubber. The solid steel handle passes through the steel insert and is welded,  permanently joining the head to the bar. Rubber coating increases durability, protects equipment, enhances appearance, diminishes noise, and is easy to clean.

Fixed barbells offer an efficient way to incorporate weight training into your fitness programme. Highly convenient, they do not require any changeover of weight plates as they come complete with fixed weights. The benefit of these is that they are highly secure, remove the hassle of having to add the weights on yourself and the weights do not loosen.

If you want flexible weight choices, you can either purchase a range of fixed barbells which come in various weight sizes, starting from 10kg or you may prefer to purchase barbells and weight plates separately. We also offer a range weight plates and barbell sets.