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Rubber Dumbbells

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Rubber Dumbbells

These safe and attractive Rubber Dumbbells have contoured, knurled chrome handles and durable rubber covered heads.

  • Solid Cast-Iron Core

The built-to-last weight features a solid cast-iron core for high-quality strength and reliable stability. The handheld weight will not bend or break after repeated use, ensuring long-lasting optimal performance from one workout to the next.

  • Rubber Encased End

The rubber coating increases durability, protects flooring or rack, and diminishes noise. In addition, it is easy to clean.

The dumbbells are fully encased in rubber, so it’s helpful to protect your dumbbells from rust. The rubber head helps to reduce noise if dropped, and they wont damage your floor either.

Choice of Shape & Sizes of Rubber Dumbbells

TheseDumbbells also have different shaped heads, some being round and others hexagonal. Here, we strongly recommend our rubber hex dumbbell, which are classical and durable. Put the dumbbell down and pick it up from right where you left it—no rolling away to worry about.

On the other hand, they comes in a variety of sizes from 1kg to 60kg. So now choose the appropriate weights to accommodate specific exercises and fitness levels.

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