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Olympic Bars

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About Olympic Barbell Bar

Olympic Barbell Bar are not something that just anyone with a machine shop and a lathe can produce. It’s extreme dangerous with an incorrectly designed workout bar.

We offer a wealth of technical information, thus we can assist you in your pursuit of the best Olympic Barbell Bar. In a word, we are always available to answer any technical questions you may have. Welcome any competitive comparisons.

Finishes of Olympic Barbell Bar

1) Decorative Chrome: It’s primary purpose is for decoration, just as its name implies. So it is not suitable for a workout bar, because the constant flexing causes this finish to crack and peel over time.
2) Zinc: It’s a plating process with moderate corrosion resistance. So it can wear over time, if compared to other finishes.
3) Hard Chrome: This chrome not only appeals cosmetically, but also eliminates the associated dangers, such as cracking and peeling. Hard Chrome is not very corrosion resistant but is much safer if we follow all the related processes.
4) Stainless Steel: It’s an obvious choice for corrosion resistance over hard chrome, Zinc or other similar finishes. Moreover, both expertise and you can clean it without impairing the surface. However, if in extremely humid or salty environments, stainless steel can still rust.
5) Cerakote: This Finish can provide unrivaled corrosion resistance, as long as the surface is not broken from damage. This damage can be a result of contacting with any metal objects, such as metal-to-metal contact, particular on the sleeves. For the best long term results, you may need to do some cleaning and maintenance.