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Lock Jaw Barbell Collar – Quick Release Barbell Clamp – Colors

Sturdy nylon resin frame – Durability;

2 inch diameter – Suitable for Olympic bar;

Fully captured pressure pads and quick cams – do not damage the plate or bar;

Available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Black.



Lock Jaw Barbell Collar

The design of the lock jaw collar is friendly to both men and women. First, lock jaw collars make changing barbell weights quick and easy. They feature one-hand installation and removal with a quick single-action cam. Meantime, the weight plate is locked to the bar safely and reliably during use. Second, lockjaw collars are the most durable resin collars. The lock jaw collars are made of a sturdy nylon resin frame with injection-molded pressure pads. So that , giving you years of safe barbell training. Third, they are compatible with plates with any coating, such as baking on enamel, rubber or polyurethane.

lock jaw collar

Larger levers and integrated design ensure easy collar attachment and removal during exercise. while elastomer pads and resin frames protect the bars and plates from damage. For lifts that require the best performance and durability from their equipment, lock-jaw hex barbell collar is the best choice for barbell collars.


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Features of Lock Jaw Barbell Collar

1) Lock jaw collars are the lightest of 50mm barbell collars series;

2) Sturdy nylon resin frame with pressure pads design make hex extremely durable;

3) Fast locking action – quick lock latches;

4) Fix the plate and protect the bar finish;

5) Diameter 50mm / 2 ” fits all Olympic barbells;

6) Various colors are available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Grey, Black;

lock jaw collar

7) Designed for all lifts, including bumper boards, Olympic style and powerlifting;

8) Widely used in business gym, home, high school and university.

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