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Olympic Cerakote Coated Barbell

♦ 190,000 PSI tensile strength shaft

♦ Unique finish – advanced ceramic-based coating



About Cerakote Coated Barbell

The Cerakote Coated Barbell bar features a unique finish – advanced ceramic based coating. And the shaft comes from precision ground alloy steel. To ensure we have a consistent 190,000 PSI tensile strength, we test the strength of the shaft with every shipment of raw material. This attention to detail allows for an excellent whip and long term performance of our bars.

Features of Cerakote Coated Barbell

1) Type: Olympic WL Bar, Custom Barbell

2) Available in a range of exclusive colors;

3) The shaft is in ceramic coating, and the sleeves are in hard chrome or black oxide according to your need;

4) these bars have a knurl pattern and offer a super solid grip;

5) Custom logo can be branded on the center of the shaft;

6) In addition, our Training Bars also feature Snap ring and quality bronze bushings design.

cerakote barbell

See our Difference Between Bearing and Bushing Sleeves of Barbells with/without Cerakote Coating Page for more information.

See Also: Cerakote Applied on Gun or Barbell Review



Ceramic has an excellent resistance to corrosion,

but metal-to-metal contact, particular on the sleeves, can still cause wear over time.


For the best long term results, some cleaning and maintenance may be required.


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