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Carbon Steel Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable Dumbbell – loadable weights



Carbon Steel Adjustable Dumbbells

The Carbon Steel Adjustable Dumbbells are consist of many carbon steel plates and bars. The bar is long enough to take extra plates; Knurling is decent and gives good grip; With so many plates, you may buy another set of handles, so that you can leave them set up in two different weights. For example, you can do a fully body workout at home with just one set of weights and adjust the weight depending on your needs. Definitely it’s a good deal. On the other hand, Carbon Steel Adjustable Dumbbells have nice looking. The surface is smooth, and it’s easy to quickly spinning off the locks. Finally, they came neatly packed in a plastic box with all the weights, collars, and washers. In summary, good value, good packaging, good delivery, and good product.


With the versatile weight set, you can create your own customized routine. Also adjusting the amount of weight is easy. Simply add or remove plates to/from the dumbbells and secure with the threaded collars. Start with a low amount of weight, and add more as you build muscle. Or change it up depending on the routine and number of reps.  No matter whether you’re adjusting the amount of weight or using one or both dumbbells at a time, get the workout you want with this adjustable weight set.


Other than that, the carrying case makes it easy to take to work. The handles neither feel cheap, nor does it look like the paint is going to chip off; The weights are solid and as heavy as you’d think weights should be; The rubber gasket on the screws helps to keep from unscrewing when you’re using them. For the average guy, this set should do just fine.

Features of Carbon Steel Adjustable Dumbbells

1) Adjustable weight set for creating a custom workout at home;

2) Threaded collars for securing plates to dumbbells;

3) Textured grips promote secure and comfortable hold;

4) Durable carbon steel plates for rust and maintenance free use.


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