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Free Weights List

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What are Free Weights?

First thing’s first, free weights set are any training load that isn’t connected to another apparatus or gym equipment. It’s “free,” means you can pick it up, move it, and do whatever you want with it really. The only thing you are fighting is the force of gravity on that object. Free weight set come in several forms, whether it’s a Barbell Bar (Olympic & Standard), Commercial Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or Weight Plates, they all serve the purpose of getting you fit. We carry a large stock of them for both commercial and home gym use. And we want to supply you with everything you need to create a superior workout space. Now pick them up and do what you want!

Why Lift Free Weights?

With the fitness free weights, the possibilities of what you can do are pretty much endless. That is to say, they provide more freedom of movement across most exercises. For example, you can take a squat with a barbell, kettlebells, or even weight plates.

That’s cool for a lot of reasons. First, it mimics how we move in regular life. Second, it activates and trains more muscle. And third, training more muscle means greater strength benefits and a lower risk of muscle imbalances and injury.

Plus, perhaps most importantly, it just feels awesome to lift a chunk of metal off the floor like a badass.

Here you’ll find a large selection of free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and weight plates, as well as most everything else you’ll need for your weight room. View by category for easy selection of our latest products. Need help deciding which product is best for your needs? Visit our Contact Us page today to make free weights wholesale, and reach out to one of our Manta fitness weights equipment experts.