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As a Free Weights Supplier from China, we supply huge range set of dumbbells, Kettlebells, Weight Plates, Weight Plates, and barbells.


including Rubber Dumbbells, Vinyl Dumbbell, PU Dumbbells, Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells, Neoprene Dumbbells, Chrome Dumbbells as well as Spinlock Dumbbells. No matter which dumbbell you choose, all of them suit any lifter well.

The category includes not only Fixed weight Iron Kettlebells, but also Vinyl-Coated Iron Kettlebells. On the other hand, we define Neoprene Covered Kettlebells and also Competition Kettlebells as family member as well.

Weight plates & barbells

They are available in a number of different types, like below:

Standard weights & bars
It is particularly ideal for beginners. Take Standard Weight Plates for example: it contains a 1” diameter hole in the center, and the size is available from 0.5 kg to 25 kg. On the other hand, Whilst Standard Bars have a maximum weight up to 120 kg. This is ideal for those who are not wishing to get advanced bodybuilding results.

Olympic weights & bars
Olympic Weight Plates come in heavier sizes, it has a 2” diameter hole in the center of the plate. They are available from 1.25 kg up to 50 kg in most occasions. Weight Plates includes Cast Iron, Bumper Grip and Rubber plates in regular.