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A Frame Dumbbell Rack for TEN Pairs

Holds 10 pairs of dumbbells

Assembled Dimensions: W 685 x D 410 x H 1100MM

Net Weight: 8.5KG

Materials: Steel

Durable powder coated finish



A Frame Dumbbell Rack

China Manta manufactures many types of weight racks, definitely including the classic A frame dumbbell rack. The A shape dumbbell rack is made of heavy duty steel with durable powder coating for long lasting performance. Specially, it features space saving design in an “A” shape. Benefit from this design, it not only maximizes floor space, but also allow for easy access and management of dumbbells. Therefore, it turns the cluttered workout area into a neat and tidy exercise zone.

Features of A Frame Dumbbell Racks

1) Durable steel construction

2) Powder coated finish

a frame dumbbell rack3) It allows TEN pairs of dumbbells neatly stacked on this shelf, instead of placed on the floor disorderly; Besides, China Manta also manufacture triangle dumbbell rack for SIX pairs.

4) Space saving design improves efficiency in smaller training areas

5) The rubber pad forms a barrier to prevent damage to the dumbbell and racks;

6) Rubber end caps help to prevent damage to floors.

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