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Olympic Barbell Rubber Bumper Plates – Colors (5KG to 25KG, 10LB to 55LB)

Weights Available:

1) 5KG – 25 KG (in 5KG increments);

2) 10LB, 15LB – 55LB (in 10LB increments)

Black rubber bumper plates set is available also.



Olympic Bumper Plates

Olympic Bumper Plates are primarily consist of resilient rubber (or urethane – more on that later). They are wider than steel or iron weight plates, due rubber is not as dense as iron. They are meant to allow an athlete to safely drop a loaded Olympic bar from an overhead position. When you see people lifting at the CrossFit Games, they have those oversized, bouncy rubber weight plates.


Olympic plates may come in the form of bumpers. Athletes can use them for Olympic weightlifting, a range of movements that involve lifting a barbell high overhead, then letting it fall.

Do I need Olympic bumpers for deadlift?

Powerlifting or regular barbell training, employing presses, deadlifts and squats don’t require Olympic bumpers. Although, many strength trainers tend to prefer bumpers, at least for deadlifts. The main reason is the bumpers don’t sound and feel like a rickety tank. On the other hand, for anything that isn’t an Olympic lift, cast-iron plates will do .


Many people prefer to use bumpers for the deadlift, because they greatly reduce noise and vibration. But when using basic bumpers for this purpose there are weight limitations, because of how thick rubber plates can be. … At the end of the day, for Olympic lifts you’ll want bumpers. For everything else, iron will suffice.

Can I drop olympic bumper plates?

Yes, you can drop them from overhead position. And for safety/bailing reasons, sometimes you will need to drop the loaded barbell from above the shoulder.


We also have durable Competition Bumpers with Steel Hub, that are available in multiple weights and colors.

Features of Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates

1) Type: Olympic Weights

2) They Fit any Olympic bar with diameter 2” or less;

3) Extremely durable;

4) Quieter than steel plates;

5) Steel internal ring is heavy duty and maintains shape;

6) Different weight with different colors. Normal configuratons are as below:

(5KG – Grey; 10KG – Green; 15KG – Yellow; 20KG – Blue; 25KG – Red);

(10LB – Grey; 15LB – Orange; 25LB – Green; 35LB – Yellow; 45LB – Blue; 55LB – Red)


Also available: Check our other listings of Bumper Plates, Barbell bar.

Different Types of Olympic Bumper Plates

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