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Cast Iron Kettlebells

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Cast Iron Kettlebells

Cast Iron Kettlebell features a soft, comfortable grip that allows you to switch it from one hand to the other, while maintaining your balance and stability. With these cast iron kettlebells, you can perform bicep curls, triceps extensions, as well as other exercises quickly and efficiently. That is to say, give your body a full workout in just a matter a minutes. In a word, it is an extremely versatile piece of workout gear that will withstand everyday use.

Each kettlebell weight is easily identifiable with colorful markings on the handles. These iron kettlebells are the ultimate tool for those who are looking to add variety to their workout routine. Whether in a class setting or individual exercise regimen, the kettlebell set is the perfect versatile fitness tool.  Through a wide range of exercises, you can easily target the exact muscle group you want to strengthen.

Features of Cast Iron Kettlebells

1) Natural cast iron body;

2) Durable black powder coat finish resists scratches and chips;

3) Rubber base protects floors and suppresses noise

4) Cast iron powder coated handles ensure that exercisers are focusing on their technique, rather than their equipment. In addition, handles allow more aggressive swings, more movement and increased grip. Furthermore, the textured grip surface helps to retain chalk.

5) Last but not least, Cast Iron Kettlebells are also available as a set.
Please contact us for information on set availability and discounted pricing.
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