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Custom Urethane (PU) Bumper Plates (10LB to 55LB)

1) Urethane are molded around a hard chrome hub

2) 450 mm standard IWF Diameter

3) Weights & Colors: 10 LB (Black), 25 LB (Green), 35 LB (Yellow), 45 LB (Blue), 55 LB (Red)


Custom Urethane Bumper Plates

Urethane bumper plates are made of polyurethane molded around hard chrome hub for a durable and long lasting performance. In general, polyurethane produces more durable, better quality bumpers, and is thinner as well.


High quality urethane is extremely durable and tend to be smooth. Meantime, Manta adds a textured finish to increase safe grip. Furthermore, we design a raised lip on the edge to make it easier to carry. Due to polyurethane feature, the rebound rate is extremely low (even lower than high-end rubber plates). So don’t worry they can bounce dangerously high or “skip” away from you. In addition, due to the bright colors, they attract more attention and popular at any workout place. Another benefit of urethane bumper plates worth mentioning is that they are completely odorless. As you know, all that amazing durability comes at a cost though. So they are also more expensive in many cases than most rubber weights. However, if you like bright colors, durability and low rebound & odorless polyurethane, then we recommend you these plates.


In a word, urethane bumpers are well made and very reasonably priced. So they are by far the best option for those who focuses on high-end bumpers. 

Features of Urethane Bumper Plates

1) Urethane & hard Chrome small hub design. And few bumpers in the industry can rival these bumper plates;

2) 450 mm standard IWF Diameter;

3) Accommodate the Olympic bar;

4) Raised plate lip making picking up the plates easier;

5) Color coded in 5 vibrant colors for easy identification;


Color Thickness

10 LB

Black 18 mm

25 LB

Green 38 mm
35 LB Yellow

43 mm

45 LB Blue

48 mm

55 LB Red

53 mm

6) Custom Logo is acceptable;

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Manufacturing of Urethane Bumper Plates

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