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Barbell 7 Hole Weight Plates (1.25KG to 25KG)

Color AvailableGreen, Red, Yellow, BlueBlack

Size available: 1.25KG / 2.5KG / 5KG / 10KG / 15KG / 20KG / 25KG



About 7 Hole Weight Plates

The 7 Hole Weight Plates features a traditional, round shape, multi-opening design. Specially, they incorporate 7 openings, not just two or three. These extra openings obviously improve handling on and off gym equipment or bars. In addition, the 7 Hole Weight Plates are of 2″ diameter center hole as conventional round Olympic plates. Thus they can easily integrate with existing plates in the facility.


All of the openings on these plates have smooth radii and round edges. So it’s pretty comfortable and safe when you grab these plates. Furthermore, due they are round, there are no sharp points or edges to cut floors or damage equipment.


We designed this plate with more grip holes to make it easier to pick up, and therefore safer. And we kept it round for very good reasons that have stood the test of time:  ease of use and exercise safety. Finally, we covered this plate with our unique rubber which makes it softer on equipment and easier to grip without slipping.

Features of 7 Hole Weight Plate

7 hole weight plates

1) 7 holes design;

2) Smooth radii and round edges;

3) colored rubber coating, including black color;

4) Suitable for Olympic bars;

5) Weight Ranges from 1.25KG to 25KG (1.25kg / 2.5kg / 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg).


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