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Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plates (from 1.25kg to 25kg)

♦ Made from solid cast iron

♦ Coated in a semi-gloss finish for a pleasing look

♦ Size Available: from 1.25KG to 25KG

(1.25kg / 2.5kg / 5kg / 10kg / 15kg / 20kg / 25kg)



About Standard Cast Iron Plates

The Standard Cast Iron Weight Plates come from solid cast iron. And each piece features over-sized holes for a secure grip. This allows the user to safely lift and load the plate onto the bars. In addition, they also have a durable baked enamel finish that provides a sleek look and prevents rust. Other than that the weight is clearly marked onto both sides.


These standard cast iron plates make an addition to your weight lifting routine. They offer multiple options, making them suitable for all levels and uses. Add them to your workout today!


Please take note, they suits for 1 in bars. If you need cast iron plates with 2″ hole, leave message to us! We will get back to you at the earliest.

Features of Standard Cast Iron Plates

1) Made of durable solid cast iron;

2) They feature baked enamel finish for a pleasing look;

3) Each piece features big openings for a convenient grip;

4) Weight is clearly molded onto both sides;

5) Accommodates 1 in bars, as well as a wide variety of machines;

6) Available in a range of weights for all levels and uses;

7) Multiple options available.

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