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Chrome Dumbbells

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Chrome Dumbbells

The sleek, shiny, classy, and ergonomic design of our chrome dumbbells are helpful to reduce fatigue, and maximise comfort at a relatively low cost.

Benefits Of Chrome Dumbbell

Aesthetics: Chromed dumbbells have a sleek look that provides comfort as well as class. The contoured handles add confidence when working out.

Chrome Dumbbell & Sets, aka “chrome beauty bells”, are commonly found in home gyms, training studios and other small, more intimate locations.

Chrome dumbbell features a classy appearance with ergonomic handles. Also the handle have bands of knurling or urethane for added grip and esthetics. Furthermore, to ensure precision dimensions and weight, we use CNC machine to fully machine each solid steel chrome dumbbell. The chrome dumbbell is often a great choice for those who want to tone and strengthen their upper bodies.

What dumbbell racks are compatible with chrome dumbbells?

Due chrome dumbbell features a small diameter round head, so you need to choose the racks for small diameter head dumbbells. Different sizes of racks are available to accommodate different sets. Consider purchasing a rack with a few empty spaces that will allow your set to grow later as you become stronger.

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Except for above, we also supply Custom Dumbbell