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Solid Chrome Dumbbell With Straight Handle (5LB to 50LB)



Solid Chrome Dumbbells Set

These solid chrome dumbbells set are extremely reflective and attractive, adding a touch of style to any home gym. There are 2 types of solid chrome dumbbells, straight handle and contoured handle version.


First, long lasting bright chrome effect will always add luster to any workout room. Second, each head is processed by computer numerical control (CNC) to ensure the balance and accuracy of the dumbbell. Furthermore, each solid steel chrome dumbbell head is round and compact. So users can store them on most vertical and horizontal dumbbell stands. Third, we design each chrome plated handle with comfort and aesthetics in mind. Beautifully straight handle with medium knurling ensures grip but without dermabrasion.

Features of Solid Chrome Dumbbells Set

1) Type: Chrome Dumbbell

2) Beautiful bright chrome finish: highly reflective and attractive;

3) Straight chrome handles design; 

4) Knurled handles to prevent slipping;

5) High polished solid steel head;

6) Ultra resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling;

7) Available in a variety of weights, from 5LB to 50LB.

8) Applications: home gym, fitness studio, commercial gym


For Contoured Handled version of dumbbells, click here


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