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Chrome Solid Dumbbell Set with Contoured Handle (1-10KG)

♦ Solid steel heads

♦ Knurled chrome handles

♦ Highly reflective and attractive

♦ Size Available: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10KG



Chrome Dumbbell Set

This Chrome Dumbbell Set is a highly reflective and attractive dumbbell that makes a big visual impact. 


This Chrome Dumbbell Set features all-steel construction. The entire dumbbell, including handle and heads, come from steel. Solid steel heads ensure maximum durability of the bright chrome finish, making these dumbbells ultra resistant to chipping, crackling or peeling. Furthermore, the chrome plating not only resists to chipping, but also shines and looks great in any professional environment. They are the highest quality dumbbell on the market due to the solid one piece construction with no welds or bolts. Other than that, contoured handle are ergonomically to fit comfortably in the palm. Furthermore, the knurled handles have a bulge in the middle. Many people prefer this style of dumbbell handle.

Features of Chrome Dumbbells Set

1) Type: Chrome Dumbbells

2) One piece solid steel construction: more safe and durable than those with bolts and welds;

3) Solid steel heads;

4) Attrative chrome Finish;

5) Contoured comfortable handle design;

6) Knurling for a secure grip;

7) Ultra resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling;

8) Weight Ranges from 1 KG to 10KG


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