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Vinyl Kettlebells

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Vinyl Kettlebells

The Vinyl Kettlebells are one of the best values in the industry, particularly in the Cross Fit community. With a larger, ergonomically rounded handle, it is perfectly suitable for single or dual hand core body movements. A baked enamel finish creates less friction, when changing hand positions on transitional lifts. Our handle design securely attaches to the body of the bell, making it structurally sound enough to withstand the most rigorous workouts. Additionally, the brilliant colors help to define and identify each size.

Design & Finish of Vinyl Kettlebells

Similar to other kettlebells, these vinyl coated kettlebells are constructed with a solid cast iron. But on the outside of the kettlebell, there’s a thicker vinyl coating. You’ll most often see these kettlebells in commercial gyms. These coats tend to be a little more forgiving on the body and a gym’s floor. The vinyl coating was firm and didn’t give any indication that it would come loose.

The handle itself is a little more smooth in the middle for grip comfort. You can feel the difference between the corners of the handle and the top, but the difference is pretty minimal.

Who Could Benefit from Vinyl Kettlebells

For this vinyl kettlebells, I think two training populations could benefit more than others.

First, home gym and gym owners.I think the vinyl coating is a solid choice for protecting your floors and the bell if you work out inside.

Second, I think true kettlebell beginners will like this kettlebell. The handle is designed to be comfortable on the hand, so you won’t have the normal wear and tear from a powder coat. In addition, the vinyl coating somewhat eases impact on the wrist when doing cleans or snatches.

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