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Vinyl Dipped Cast Iron Kettlebell

♦ Solid cast-iron construction

♦ Beautiful vinyl coating that helps prevent floor damage

♦ Wide handle provides a comfortable grip

♦ Different colors are available



About Vinyl Kettlebell

Are you looking for a workout equipment that’s also fun? The Vinyl Kettlebell is just what you need. The Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell allows you to workout on a wider range of surfaces without damage. With these kettlebells, you can take a variety of effective exercises anywhere, anytime!


The purpose of adding a vinyl coating is to protect your floor and reduce noise if you drop the weight. If your floors are wood or tile, definitely you would prefer these kettlebells. In addition, the soft flat bottom prevents shaking when doing push-ups or other training.


Lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body and specifically the core to contract as a group. Kettlebell workouts involve many muscle groups at once, so with the help of kettlebells, you can get a whole body training in a short time.

Features of Vinyl Kettlebell

1) Type: Vinyl Kettlebells

2) Solid cast iron construction;

3) Beautiful vinyl coating helps prevent floor from damage;

4) Wide handle without seams provides a comfortable grip;

5) Available in a variety of weights with different colors, so it’s easy to distinguish the weights.

The Difference Between Vinyl & Cast Iron Kettlebells

Difference between Vinyl and Cast Iron Kettlebells is mainly on the Finish. For kettlebell beginners, there may be no or little difference. But as you are gradually familiar with kettlebells, you will find the differences. Then you can make a better choice on the kettlebell that suits your workout needs.

Core Material of Kettlebells

The raw materials of Cast iron kettlebells is primarily from cast iron. The process may vary from one kettlebell manufacturer to another. But in most cases, the standard kettlebells come from a single mold of cast iron. Besides, some cast iron kettlebells are made from welding the body to the handle. So they are relatively weaker than single cast iron kettlebells. On the other hand, the vinyl kettlebells may come from cast iron, or some have cement as the weight. That is the outstanding first difference between Vinyl and Cast Iron Kettlebells.

Finishing Material of Cast Iron & Vinyl Kettlebell

The Finish of the kettlebell is the second most important difference between vinyl and cast iron kettlebells. Some cast iron kettlebell may lack the finish. So the vinyl coating is to prevent the kettlebell from damaging your floor and avoid the noise when they drop on the floor.  This vinyl coating can be on the weight or even the entire kettlebell including the handle. Some manufacturers may choose to use a different material instead of vinyl, such as rubber. Rubber is a common material to coat kettlebells, and they also serves the same purpose as vinyl coating. Some kettlebells may also have a rubber base that helps keep the bottom of the kettlebell flat. Meanwhile, it prevents damage to the floor. Depending on the weight, the vinyl kettlebells may have different colors.


Finally, the difference between Vinyl and Cast Iron Kettlebells is only based on the material and whether the kettlebell has a vinyl finish or not. All in all, always remember that not all vinyl coated kettlebells are cast iron kettlebells.

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