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Commercial PU Encased Dumbbells (2KG-50KG)

♦ Head: Solid steel with black urethane plating


♦ Handle:Straight hardened chrome,

medium-grade knurling for optimal grip


♦ fully welded as single-piece unit


♦ black matte finish for clean, sleek look


♦ Size Available: 2/4/6/-50KG (2KG Increment)



About Urethane Dumbbells

Fixed urethane dumbbells are another very popular, more premium commercial equipment option.


Our Urethane Dumbbells feature a steel head with urethane coating (technically polyurethane or PU). The urethane is a highly durable material, which is impact resistant and shock absorbing. Furthermore, the urethane features an anti-roll surface. In addition, urethane has a higher tear strength than rubber, so urethane dumbbells will generally come with a longer warranty period than rubber ones. Urethane does not have an odor, and has a non-tacky, smooth feel. Therefore, the weights are maintenance free and won’t damage floors or equipment.


Dumbbells are a type of free weight in weight training. You can use them individually or in pairs, as it is enough to lift a dumbbell with one hand only, unless it’s too heavy. 

Features of Urethane Dumbbells

1) Type: PU Dumbbells

2) Solid steel heads with a durable urethane coating: less odor, more health, more durable, and more elasticity. So don’t worry about cracking, fading, or damage on your floor and rack;

3) The hard chrome handle includes a medium-grade knurling for a firm but comfortable grip;

4) Range from 2 kg to 50 kg in 2kg increments;

5) Custom logo is acceptable.

Compare with Rubber Dumbbells

As for the rubber dumbbells, they are similar to urethane ones. The main difference is the materials. One is rubber, the other is urethane. Rubber, or rubber latex, may be natural (come from the sap of trees) or synthetic. Main feature of rubber is flexible, stretchy, and waterproof. But the UV rays of the sun can damage rubber weights. Please take note, people who are allergic to latex should not use natural rubber products. 


Although, to the naked eye, PU doesn’t exhibit a huge difference to rubber dumbbells, there are numerous performance benefits. Accordingly, it command slightly more premium price tag.

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