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PU Dumbbells

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About PU Dumbbells
The PU Dumbbells weights consist of PU (polyurethane), which encases the solid cast iron heads. PU is a very durable material, which protects flooring and does not have strong odor. On the other hand, the handles have a knurling, which gives them a better hold. Finally, we welded the heads fully to the steel handles with heavy-duty bolt and steel insert fastening system.

The PU Dumbbell set is available in a large variety of weights, which appears clearly both on the side as the top of the weight. Therefore, searching for the right weight is no longer necessary. Because whether they lie down or stand up next to each other, you can find the right weight easily.

The PU Dumbbells 1 – 60 kg (per Set) are available in 35 different weights: weights from 1-10 kg (1 kg heavier each) and from 12-60 kg (2 kg heavier each).
Features of PU Dumbbells:

Modern clean lines make these dumbbells very attractive
Fully welded internally, so they won’t rattle loose
Polyurethane coated ends are durable and easy to clean
The grip has knurling, for maximum confidence, comfort and safety