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Custom Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbells (from 2KG to 50KG, 5LB to 100LB)

Size Available:

2KG-50KG in 2KG increment;

2.5KG-50KG in 2.5KG increment;

5LB-100LB in 5LB increment;



Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbells

The Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbell set is the ultimate high quality commercial gym equipment. Ranging in weight from 2 to 50 kgs (5 to 100 lbs), these iron grip solid steel dumbbells are build to last.

Features of Solid Steel Urethane Dumbbells

1) Type: Polyurethane Dumbbells

2) Solid Steel Heads;

The solid steel heads are precision drilled to ensure close tolerance. They do not feature bolts or plates, which means the heads will not come loose or rotate.

3) Premium durable Urethane Encased;

Inside the heads, it’s machined and graded solid steel; And the outer is a durable urethane for a longer life. Not only does this protect the dumbbell head from normal wear and tear, but it also prevents scratches or damage when you place them on dumbbell rack or floor.

4) Iron Grip – Diamond pattern knurl Handles;

We desing the handles with comfort in mind. Every handle features a unique diamond pattern. This helps increase grip, while reducing wear and tear on your hands;

5) Weight ranges from 2 KG to 50 KG in 2KG increments, or 2.5 KG to 50 KG in 2.5KG increments; and LB is also available from 5LB to 100LB in 5LB increments;

6) Straight and Contour Handle are both available.


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