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Gray Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells (From 5LB to 100LB, 5KG to 20KG)

Size Available: 5/7.5/10/12.5/15/20KG

5/8/10/12LB, and 15 to 100LB in 5LB increments



About Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell

The Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell set are come from solid cast iron, so you can achieve your long-term fitness goals with the long-lasting durability. In addition, the hex-shaped ends and a non-slip surface allow you to maximize your strength training routine. Firstly, the hexagon ends prevent the dumbbells from rolling. Secondly, it takes up very less space and can be stored easily. Thirdly, the knurled handles give you enough grip during workouts. Other than that, the Iron Hex Dumbbell have a semi gloss finish. The finish prevents rust and the paint does not chip off easily. Therefore, you can use them to work out all major muscle groups, such as the chest, arms, back, and legs.


Get this solid iron hex dumbbell set and do your desired workouts now. Strengthen your upper body with the easy-to-use Iron Hex Dumbbells.


By the way, we also supply rubber hex dumbbells for your choose.

Features of Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell

1) These dumbbells feature solid cast iron;

2) The hex shaped ends prevent rolling and allow easy storage;

3) They come with a durable and effective baked enamel coating that helps prevent rusting;

4) Knurled anti-slip handle enhances essential grip and security during workouts;

5) They offer the ability to target specific muscle groups;

6) Available in grey or black colors;

7) Exercise all major muscle groups including chest, arms, back, legs and core.

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