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Adjustable / Spinlock / Selectable Dumbbells

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About Adjustable / Spinlock / Selectable Dumbbells

Numerous dumbbells compacted into one. These Spinlock dumbbells are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have much space.
Adjustable/ Selectable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are perfect for home gyms. They are compact, easy to use, and you can change the weight of your dumbbell within seconds. They are much more cost effective than buying individual dumbbells.
Spinlock Dumbbells
They are the most affordable dumbbells on the market. You have to manually change the weight of your dumbbell by adding or removing weight plates, so we often describe them as mini barbells.

If you are building your home gym, the Spinlock dumbbells are some of the most affordable options to start working out with. You can get a decent set that offers you the flexibility to adjust the weight and progress in your workouts, instead of investing in an entire set of separate dumbbells.  There are more sophisticated adjustable dumbbells systems out there that offer more conveniences, but they will cost a lot more. So I think spinlocks are a decent starter option.