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Spin Lock Dumbbells – Cost-effective Adjustable Dumbbell (10kg to 50kg Set)

  • Consists of three parts: Handle Bar, Weight Plate and Spinlock
  • Sold both separately and in pairs
  • Weight option: 10kg single to 50kg set
  • Chrome Spinlock Dumbbells are available also.


Spin Lock Dumbbells

Spin lock dumbbells are the cheapest option for dumbbells. Someone may worry about their quality and not lasting, but don’t worry. Like most dumbbells, spin lock dumbbells are metal parts in nature and therefore durable. On the other hand, they are also the slowest choice. If you are just getting started and not sure what you want, spin dumbbells are a good place to start. They are also a great option if you have a limited budget. Besides this type, we still offer other spinlock dumbbells.


Spin lock dumbbell set is similar to barbell, but only a one-handed version. It consists of three parts: handle bar, dumbbell plates and spinlock collars. The handles are large enough to be held with one hand and should be used in pairs, one with both hands.  The bars come in different lengths & set as below configuration. And we recommend buying a longer barbell to accommodate more weightlifting plates to make you heavier. Always make sure the hole size in weight plates fits the bar before purchasing. However, if you don’t like to change weights several times during workout, we still offer fixed dumbbells.


The second part of the dumbbell is consist of weight plates. Since you will carry them with one hand instead of two, so you need to buy smaller, lighter weight plates. 


The third and final part of these dumbbells are the spin lock. They are necessary to ensure that weight does not drop during the lifting process. So they are safe to use and allow you to lift without worrying about your weight falling on you. However, please make sure you tighten the spinlocks if you add weight to the weights to avoid loosen during the lifting process, especially when you put a lot of weight on them. 


Configuration of Spin lock Dumbbells


Weight Plates

Handle Bars

10kg Single 8kg 1.5KGx2 + 2.5KGx2 Φ25  35CMx1
10kg Single 7.5kg 1.25kgx2 + 2.5kgx2 Φ30  35CMx1
15kg Single 13kg 1.5KGx2 + 2.5KGx4 Φ25  35CMx1
15kg Single 12.5kg 1.25KGx2 + 2.5KGx4 Φ30  35CMx1
15kg Set 12kg 1.25KGx8 + 0.5KGx4 Φ25  35CMx2
15kg Set

(Plastic Box)

12kg 1.25KGx8 + 0.5KGx4 Φ25  35CMx2
20kg Set 16kg 1.5KGx4+2.5KGx4 Φ25  35CMx2
20kg Set 17kg (0.5+1.25KG+2.5KG)x4 Φ25  35CMx2
20kg Set

(Plastic Box)

17kg 0.5×4+1.25KGx4+2.5KGx4 Φ25  35CM*2
25kg Set 22kg 0.5×4+1.25KGx4+2.5KGx6 Φ25  35CM*2
30kg Set 27kg 0.5×4+1.25KGx4+2.5KGx8 Φ25  38CMx2
50kg Set 40kg 1.25KGx4+2.5KGx6+5×4 Φ25  35CMx2
50kg Set

(Plastic Box)

40kg 1.25KGx4+2.5KGx6+5×4 Φ25  35CMx2
50kg Set

(Plastic Box)

40.5kg (0.5+1.25KG)x6+(2.5KG+5)x4 Φ25  35CMx2

As a manufacturer, we supply spinlock dumbbells both separately and in pairs. 

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