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4′ Olympic EZ Curl Bar

1) Makes Curling Easier;

2) Ergonomic Hand Position;

3) Diamond Knurled Hand Grips;

4) Rotating Sleeves.



About Olympic EZ Curl Bar

What you’re looking at here is a Olympic Easy / EZ Curl Bar or E-Z bar, also known as the E-Z curl bar. This Olympic Curl Bar has a slight variation on the regular barbell. Let’s examine what it’s for and why you should consider using it.


Regular barbell forces your wrists into awkward positions unless you bring your arms in very close to your body. Other than that, the regular barbell not only makes your biceps working on the curling but also your forearms.


To help fix these issues, Lewis G. Dymeck inventored the E-Z Curl Bar. These Olympic ez curl bars feature a slightly bent shape like “W”. However, this slightly difference is enough to let the wrists take on a more neutral and less supinated position. So the E-Z Bar helps to prevent injury, while also isolating the biceps slightly more in the curling movement. This added ease of movement means you may be able to perform more repetitions.

Specifications of Olympic EZ Curl Bar

curl bar

BrandOEM Available
Bar TypeSpecialty Lifting Bars
Bar Weight10KG / 22LB
Bar Length4’ / 48″ / 1200MM
Knurl2 Knurled Hand Grips
Center KnurlNo
Knurl MarksNo


1) Makes Curling Easier;

This curved bar makes performing curls easier as the curvature gives your hands a firmer grip. With this ez curl bar, you can do a variety of curls, including spider curls, skull crushers, and preacher curls. You can also do upright rows and triceps extensions;


2) Accommodates Olympic 2 inch weights;


3) Ergonomic Hand Position & Diamond Knurled Hand Grips;

Don’t worry about this curl barbell set slipping out of your hands. Our Olympic bar features diamond knurled hand grips to give you a sturdy grip.


4) Rotating Sleeves;


5) Helps Build Muscle Definition;

This Curling Bar allows for a total body workout, giving you the opportunity to work your upper and lower body. Perform muscle isolations on your biceps, triceps, deltoids, quads, hamstrings, abs, pectorals, and more.


6) We also supply Super Curl Bar for your choose.


Some issues you may concern

How much does EZ curl bar weigh?




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