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Standard Weight Plates

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Standard Weight Plates feature a 1″ diameter central hole and fit Standard Bars only.

Standard Weight Plate is an effective form of free weights for use as part of your strength training. With weight discs available from sizes 0.5kg up to 25kg, we recommend the Standard Weights for all users who are catering to all abilities and strengths.

Different Types of Standard Weight Plates

There are various types of weight plates to suit your preferences, among which, the Standard Iron Weights are extremely durable. Featuring a handy easy pick up design, Tri-Grip Iron Weight Plates are alternative for faster weight changes. It’s the best choice if you wish to use the weight for exercises without the bar, such as tricep curls.

Rubber-Encased Weight Plates have the benefit of absorbing noise, as well as making them far more quiet if dropped. Standard Vinyl Weight Plates, which feature a hard plastic surface, have the same benefit. Both are also safer, instead of dropping a cast iron weight directly on your foot. This is why we particularly recommend them for beginners to weight training.