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Olympic Weight Plates

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About Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic Weight Plates feature a 2″ diameter central hole and fit Olympic Bars only. And we highly recommend them for intermediate and advanced weight lifters.

Different Types of Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic Weight Plates are available in a huge range of options.

There are tons of custom coatings and manufacturing types for Olympic weights. For instance, some Olympic weighs come in plastic, sometimes with a metal coating. This material is good for those who find the metal too cold or slippery. In addition, some Olympic weights come in milled iron. Many plates also come with powder coating or other non-slip coatings like rubber as well.

The Black Machined Olympic Weight Plates are very popular. The reason is these cast iron weight plates are quite durable. On the other hand, they offer precision fitting.

We also supply Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plates. They feature an easy tri-grip design, so they aid you to make quick weight changes. These are available in solid cast iron, Solid Rubber or Rubber coating. With rubber protection, they does less damage on your floor if you drop them.