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Olympic Rubber Fractional Plates

1) Full rubber materials

2) Fit on Olympic bars

3) Available in KG and LB



About Rubber Fractional Plates

Rubber Fractional plates also referred to as micro plates or change plates. Each plate is smaller in weight, such as 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.75 kg, 1 kg or 2.5 kg. Generally, Olympic microplates weights under 1.25 kg are the most popular for micro loading.

Every lifter will hit a plate at some stage. No matter how hard you try, change up your diet or program, you just can’t beat that previous best. But do you know the secret to building serious long term strength? Some lifters will look for all sort of complicated methods, while overlooking the simplest. Yes, you need to accumulate small and consistent weight gains. This is where Olympic Fractional Plates come into play. With them, you can make small increments in lifts. Continue to make small strength gains, even at your physical limit.


1) Type: Olympic Weights

2) Each fractional plate set is 100% rubber

3) Fit on Olympic bars

4) Available in KG and LB

5) Worthwhile addition to Your Home Gym

Why Fractional Plates

A key part of increasing body strength through weight training is the concept of progressive overload. In short, this means that each lift represents an increase in the number of repetitions or weight. This procedure is accessible to anyone who has completed or performed a weightlifting procedure prepared by a qualified coach.

In other words, by allowing changing the barbell weight in small increments, the fractional plate allows you to make constant progress every time you train.

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