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Dumbbell Bumpers – Color Rubber – 10 to 45 LB

1) High density rubber plates

2) Solid stainless steel insert

3) Weights available: 10LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB

4) Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

5) Same overall diameter



About Dumbbell Bumpers

No doubt, the dumbbell bumpers are a cool innovation for strength training. If you do a lot of dumbbell work and want to easily change weight, these are a great option. They feature durable virgin rubber, as well as chrome plated hub. Everything about the Dumbbell Bumper Plates is pretty standard for bumpers. Thus dumbbell bumper plates provide good corrosion resistance. However, they are not a necessary piece of equipment. The reason they are even a thing today is because they’re convenient. These Olympic Dumbbell Bumper Plates are not for everyone, but they are for someone who decide to use them, they will be more than satisfied.


The Olympic Dumbbell Bumper Plates are more than simply a cool toy; They’re useful and real piece of training equipment. For example, they allow you to drop the dumbbell from hip height or lower, without damaging the floor or the plates. Furthermore, the Olympic Dumbbell Bumpers have different weights. Other than that, they allow for easy weight changes, easier loading, as well as the ability to put multiple plates on the Olympic dumbbell bar that sit evenly.


To be honest, they’re just plain cool. For those who are looking for new equipment, this is one of the coolest pieces of strength training.


If you do CrossFit, these are perfect for most movements involving a dumbbell. And if you own a training facility, these are sure to increase excitement in workouts (which does matter)

In addition, we also produce and supply barbell bumper plates for your choose.

Specifications of Dumbbell Bumper Plates


Thickness Overall Diameter

Inner Ring Diameter


33mm 230mm 80mm


120mm 230mm 80mm
35LB 150mm 230mm


45LB 150mm 230mm



1) Dumbbell Bumpers are NOT meant to be dropped from overhead

2) 10 pounds plates are NOT designed to be used ALONE. To make all plates in same diameter, 10 pounds plates are thin, so they will bend if you use them alone.


MANTA – Your Reliable & Stable Supplier

We Manta Fitness is a true free weights manufacturer from China, providing one-stop gym free weights.

1) 1st Class OEM service to help our customers globalize their brands;

2) More production capacity and more tools;

3) More than 10 years exportation experience.

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