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Olympic Cast Iron Chrome Weight Plates



About cast iron weight plates

These cast iron weight plates are ideal additions to your home gym and workout routine. They are made of solid cast iron, thus no doubt they are pretty durable. In addition, they have gripping handles, so that you can easily pick them up from a plate tree or weight lifting bar. Moreover, they are very beautiful due to the chromed finish.


The cast iron chrome weights come in multiple sizes ranging from 1.25 to 25 kg. Choose the proper chrome weight plates and create your own sets of weights, adjusting accordingly as your weight training progresses. Please take note, this machine-centered hole is 2 inch, so it is easy to fit onto your Olympic bar. Besides, we also supply 1 inch iron weight plates for standard bars.


Only free weights will ensure that all major muscle groups are worked fully.


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Features of cast iron weight plates

1) Type: Olympic Weights

2) Plate Material: Solid cast iron;

3) Plate Finish: Chromed;

4) Color: silver;

5) elevated and integrated grips allow for easy pick-up;

6) 2″ diameter center hole fits on Olympic bars;

7) Weight Markings: Lbs. and Kgs;

8) Great for barbell and machine training, gaining strength and adding muscle;

9) Ideal for cardiovascular fitness and strength training.

Application of cast iron weights

1) commercial gyms;

2) fitness studios;

3) garage gyms;

4) training studios, as well as school weight rooms.

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