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Olympic Strongman Log Bar – 8″, 10″, 12″

Overall Length: 1800mm (70.8”), 1950mm (77”), 2050mm (80.7″)

Bar Weight: 23KG (51LB), 33KG (72LB), 61KG (134LB)

Log Diameter: 200mm (8″), 254mm (10”), 305mm (12″)

Shaft Coating: Powder Coating



About Strongman Log Bar

The Log Bar is a centerpiece for Strongman training and competitions. It features high quality steel construction to guarantee long-lasting fitness results for years. In addition, it’s another outstanding feature is the neutral hand grips.


The log press is a unique event to strongman. In competition, the log press is usually for maximum weight. And Strongman Log Bar training is a proven way to develop better grip and reach for max strength. Unlike a conventional barbell overhead lift, the log is somehow cumbersome. So it is difficult to get into the correct position to press. On top of this a log requires a neutral grip. The reason is the neutral grip provides lower stress on the shoulders for all the pressing movements, making your intensive training free of any unwanted pain. So the strongman Log Bar is ideally for better balance and comfort on the overhead press, such as log press, bench press, etc. Other than that, the cutout is more than wide enough to accommodate arms of all sizes.


What muscles does log press work?

The log is much wider, which makes your body work much harder to stabilize the load throughout the movement. Since the weight lifting log bar must be taken from the ground, so you will engage your entire body to get the log overhead. Your legs, upper back and shoulders all have a turn as the exercise progresses.

Specification of Strongman Log Bar 8″

log bar

Bar Type Log Bar, Specialty Barbells
Bar Use Strongman Training, Competition, Weightlifting
Bar Weight 23KG (51LB), 33KG (72LB), 61KG (134LB)
Knurl No Knurl
Shaft Coating Powder Coating
Overall Length 1800mm (70.8”), 1950mm (77”), 2050mm (80.7″)
Log Diameter 200mm (8″), 254mm (10”), 305mm (12″)
Loadable sleeves length 342mm (13.46″)
Sleeve Diameter 50mm (1.9”)


1) Materials:  All steel construction – heavy duty durable;

2) Fully welded seams for great fit and finish;

3) Finish: powder coating paint – rust resistant;

4) Neutral grip handles measure 1.26” in diameter and are spaced 1.9 feet apart;

5) A necessary for Strongman training and competitions.


Issue You may Concern about training bar

1) How much does a log press bar weight?

2) Mistakes needs to be avoided when choosing strong man log bars

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