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Benefits of Kettlebell

In strength and endurance training, you can achieve so much from just one piece of kettlebell. On the other hand, they are also space efficient, making them convenient and highly popular.

Kettle bell exercises focus more on the muscles you use for deceleration and stabilisation.

Different exercises require you to engage different muscle groups including your core, hips and legs. Holding the kettle bell in one hand or both, they involve a swinging motion. So you have to stabilise your body to perform effective movements.

In a word, with effective Kettlebells training, you can burn fat, increase your power and obtain the physique you crave.

Different Types of Kettlebell

As a Kettlebell Manufacturer, we offer fixed weight Cast Iron Kettlebells, and for added comfort we also offer Rubber Coated Kettlebells, Vinyl Kettlebells, Competition Kettlebells, as well as Vinyl Coated Cement Kettlebells.

Competition kettlebells are always the exact same size, no matter what the weight is. This means that the kettle bell will rest on your forearm in the same place, whether it’s a 4kg or 12kg weight.

Besides, we also offer some Unique Sculpted Kettlebells for your option.

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