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Hollow Kettlebell – Matte Finish (8kg to 36kg)

This hollow kettlebell is cast from heavy duty steel with a non-welded handle and no filler to help increase overall strength and strength.


1) Hollow Competition Kettlebells

No Stuffing or Welding;

2) One piece solid steel casting with non-welded handle;

3) Special anti-rust paint;

4) Available in 7 color-coded weights from 8 KG to 36 KG


Hollow Kettlebell Wholesale from China Manufactures

Each hollow kettlebell is cast in its own mold and is one piece, so the required weight is exactly right. The lighter the kettlebell, the more space is created inside the kettlebell. Cheaper competition kettlebells, on the other hand, consist of a molded shell and padding material for proper weight. But loosened over time, the padding material of these kettlebells can cause noise and imbalance during movement.


With a hollow competition kettlebell, you’ll be training like your first day, even years later.

Benefits of hollow competition kettlebells

Due competition kettlebells are always the same size, each exercise is handled the same way. This means you can always train optimally according to international competition standards or buy the right equipment directly for your professional studio. One of the reasons for the ease of operation is the small distance between the handle and the body of the kettlebell.


Since the kettlebell is closer to your arms, you can move the kettlebell up your body more efficiently. This reduces the loss of strength and increases the number of repetitions possible – with this kettlebell, you can maximize your workouts in the clean and snatch and clean and jerk.


Whatever the user’s training level, get the ideal kettlebell from us. All kettlebells have a diameter of 21 cm and a handle diameter of 3.5 cm. Thanks to the engraved weight numbers and the different colors for different weights, users can easily identify the kettlebell that suits their training. We offer professional kettlebells in the following weights: – 8 kg (pink)– 12 kg (blue)– 16 kg (yellow)– 20 kg (purple)– 24 kg (green)– 28 kg (orange)– 32 kg (red)– 36 kg (black)

Features of Hollow Kettlebell

1) Hollow core for better balance;

Compared to other molds, this mold has a hollow casting with accurate weight to ensure precision.

2) Durable Construction;

Each kettlebell is individually cast as a solid piece with non-welded handle for maximum durability.

3) Smooth anti-rust surface provides great feel and grip during various workouts;

4) Available in 7 color-coded weights from 8 KG to 36 KG

Competition-style kettlebells are available in a variety of color-coded weight increments, from 8kg to 36kg. However, the diameter fluctuates very little, maintaining a consistent feel as you move to higher weights.

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