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Competition Style Kettlebell with Steel Handle (4KG to 32KG)

1) Steel bell with Steel Handle

2) Available Weights: 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg

3) Easy to identify with different Color coded for each size

4) Weight clearly marked

5) Custom LOGO is available



Competition Style Kettlebell

Competition style kettlebell is made of steel instead of cast iron. And the bell diameter and handle diameter are the same regardless of weight. In addition, these high-quality competition kettlebell set are color adjustful to meet sports lifting standards. Therefore, this race kettlebell can maintain the level of the playing field without giving anyone an unfair advantage.


As a kettlebells manufacturer, we design Competition style kettlebells for higher repetitions than normal hard edged bells.


We, China Manta Fitness, do not paint the handle like some lower quality bells. The handles are steel with special treatment, giving them an awesome look. In addition, it gives you better grip and more control. Compared to traditional bells, the size and curvature of the windows are more comfortable in the folded position and in the lifting process. Competition kettlebells are perfect for lifts such as goblet squats, swings, cleaning, twitching, snatching, as well as turkey waking up.

competition style kettlebellcompetition style kettlebellcompetition style kettlebellcompetition style kettlebell

Competition style kettlebell is a perfect combination of strength and aerobics, and is one of the best sports in the field. No matter which training method you use, competition kettlebells are essential in any home or garage gym and can be found in most commercial gyms.


CHINA MATNA FITNESS – Your Reliable Supplier

1) 1st Class OEM Service;

2) More production capacity and more tools;

3) Urgent order according to customer requested delivery time;

4) More than 10 years exportation experience.

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