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Adjustable Kettlebell (Weight Range From 20 to 45LB)

Adjustable Weight Range: 20 to 45 LB



About Adjustable Kettlebell

This adjustable kettlebell has an incredibly sensible design. The handle is 15 pounds and bottom plate is 5 pounds; and there are 5 removable spacer disks in between. The removable disks allow you to increase your weight in increments of 20 pounds up to 45 pounds. As mentioned, adding 5 additional 5 pound plates gives this loadable Adjustable Kettlebell a total weight of 45 pounds.


This Adjustable kettlebell weights has powder coating, and the surface is not as smooth finish as others. The handle grip is extra wide, ensures comfort and accommodates two hands. And for the smaller handed user, you may even be able to use it safely with both hands.


The plates and handles all feature highly durable metal construction. To add and remove the weight plates, you remove the bottom and add the plates to the body. And the locking mechanisms on the bottom are very similar to a nut and bolt, so there’s no need to worry about the plates or bottom coming lose.


Please take note, this adjustable weight kettlebell is designed to work only with 1″ hole weight plates.


This portable kettlebell is great for muscle building and toning exercise. Even if you’re well versed in kettle bells exercises and workouts, you could still benefit from this versatile option. The reason is adjustable kettlebells will save you both money and space. In fact, this kettle bell takes up so little space, you can take it with you almost everywhere you go.


Finally to mention is the size. Although there are smaller adjustable kettlebells on the market, they don’t offer the weight range on offer here.

Installation of Adjustable Kettlebell Set

installation of adjustable kettlebell


1) Type: Cast Iron Kettlebells, Adjustable Kettlebells

2) Materials: Cast Iron Construction

3) Finishing: Powder coating;

4) Handle: Wide handle for comfortable grip control;

5) Weight of kettlebell adjustable from 20 to 45 LB.

20 lb kettle bell with removable spacer disks (15 lb top, 5x5LB spacer disks and 5 lb bottom), total 45LB;

6) Removable spacer disks: standard plates;

7) Application: Ideal for multiple upper body strength training, such as conditioning, sculpting, as well as core exercises.

As a manufacturer, we also supply many other China Kettlebell for your selection.

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