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Multi Grip Swiss Press Bar

Overall Length: 2130mm (7’)

Bar Weight: 25.7kg (56.6LB)

Handles: 4 Angled Handles + 4 Vertical Handles



What is Multi Grip Swiss Bar

Sometimes the multi grip swiss bar barbell referred to as the football bar or multi grip barbell bar. And the great thing about it is that there are multiple grips. Thus it not only help you get strong, but also improves training variety. So swiss bars are very popular for building strength in gym or at home, especially for those with shoulder or upper extremity issues.

Advantages of Multi Grip Swiss Bar

1) It’s much easier on your elbows than a standard barbell, so it’s ideal for building biceps, forearms and triceps extensions;


2) The multi-grip allows for even more variety in your training. For example, on the bench press, you can perform a close grip bench or a wide grip bench;


3) Importantly, the neutral grip is great for alleviating shoulder pain when pressing. So the Olympic Swiss Bar can allow a lifter with shoulder problems to press flat, incline or overhead with little shoulder discomfort.


Multi Grip Swiss Bar

Bar TypeMulti neutral grip / Swiss Bar / Football Bar design

Specialty Bar

Overall Length2130mm (7’)
Bar Weight25.7kg (56.6LB)
Angled Handles4 Angled Handles spaced at 390mm (15.3″) and 580mm (22.8″)
Vertical Handles4 Vertical Handles spaced at 200mm (7.87″) and 770mm (30.3″)
Surface CoatingElectroplating
Sleeve Diameter50mm (2”) – compatible with most standard Olympic plates


Some Issues you may concern about multi grip Barbell

1) How to identify the quality of multi grip bench bar?

2) Multi grip Swiss bars vs Olympic barbell


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