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Multi grip Swiss bar vs Olympic barbell

Today we would talk about the advantage and disadvantage of Swiss bar compared with Olympic barbell:


  1. There is no bearing on sorts of multi grip football bar, so the sleeves cant rotate, unlike Olympic barbells, so it might be not easy to grip the handle among the grooves when the Swiss bar is placed on the rack with heavy plates ;
  2. The multi grip bar is limited to the area of upper limbs, more reps, less weight;


  1. The multi grip barbell could be hung up to the power rack as a chin up bar, unlike Olympic bar, you can adjust the grip position to train difference muscle groups when pull up;
  2. Grip width and direction is adjustable, so it could reduce the stress on shoulders, the reason people like to do bench press by using dumbbells as they can adjust their wrist at a most comfortable angel, that’s what a Swiss bar does, and you can hold more weights than dumbbells;

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