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Olympic Barbells vs. Standard Barbells

What is the Difference between an Olympic Barbell vs Standard?

Okay, so you’re possibly assuming “exists truly a big difference between an olympic barbell vs standard?” Well, as surprised as you might be, there are some things that are one-of-a-kind for both types of bars. It is necessary to ensure you are purchasing and also utilizing the best barbell. Throughout this blog post I will highlight the significant differences between an Olympic bar and also a standard bar, their features and also general designs.


When it boils down to it, Olympic barbells are much longer and larger than regular, standard barbells. Since they hold more weight and are extra long lasting than a regular barbell, the majority of gyms and also commercial fitness facilities have Olympic barbells. In contrast to the Olympic barbells, standard barbells are much shorter and lighter. Standard barbells take up much less room and are simpler to handle. Lots of individuals choose the Olympic bars to their standard equivalents based on top quality, function and also many various other factors.


You may not quickly see the differences between a standard barbell as well as an Olympic barbell. At, we have a number of barbells to meet your fitness needs and also objectives. Olympic barbells are 7 feet long as well as will certainly consider 45lbs. Typically benches density or diameter can rise and fall relying on the manufacturer or style. The difference in size will affect the bar’s optimum weight capabilities. The amount of weight an Olympic barbell can hold differs, however the majority of our bars have between a 600lbs and also 1,500 pounds load capability.

One more huge attribute that Olympic bars have opting for them is their bearings. You need a reliable sleeve rotation from your bearings/bushings with a small quantity of bar whip for many workouts. Your standard power-lifting bars do not use this attribute. Barbell’s capability to whip (store flexible energy) can be really valuable to a professional athlete. The majority of Olympic barbells have centre knurling which can identify it from various other bars. For the CrossFit professional athlete, this can be an uncomfortable in some cases– literally! When lifting the bar, it can absolutely irritate your neck location. IWF certified Olympic bars have the centre knurl, and the reasoning for having the centre knurling is to ensure that it prevents the bar from moving down the back throughout heavy lifts. Nonetheless, firms are beginning to leave the centre knurling off on some non-competition Olympic bars. Many people discover that offers no purpose and also considering that it can be awkward it makes sense to be accommodating.


Standard barbells are 5 to 6 feet long and consider in between 15 to 25 pounds. A lot of regular barbells have a tons capability of 100 to 200 pounds. Once again, the size can change which will certainly figure out the weight capacity it can handle. These bars, in addition to some Olympic barbells have the centre knurling mostly for the back squat.


Some manufacturers have actually likewise created specialized barbells for women and also youth. These bars are committed to the requirements of those that might be looking for something smaller sized or lighter. MANTA Fitness’s 15kg Women’s Bar is a multi-purpose weightlifting bar with no-compromises.

THE MAIN DIFFERENCES – Olympic Barbell vs Standard

The sleeves are the ends of the bar that hold the weight plates. Olympic barbells have 2-inch, rotating sleeves; Standard barbells have 1-inch, non-rotating sleeves. One more factor why several people choose an Olympic bar to its standard equivalent is the turning.

Additionally, considering that the size is various between the 2 bars, you can not make use of normal weight plates (1 inch holed plates) on an Olympic barbell, however you can utilize an Olympic sleeve adapter to place Olympic plates on a regular barbell. Due to the fact that they are heavier, Olympic barbells are less most likely to tip over if you fill the weight unevenly by mishap.

Olympic Barbells feature bushings or bearings to enable turning and whip. Both the olympic as well as standard bars might have center knurling, however, several makes are starting to fit for users that prefer not having this function. Please contact us if you still have concerns about which bar may be best fit for you.

When it comes down to it, Olympic barbells are longer and also much heavier than normal sttandard barbells. Most gyms and commercial fitness facilities have Olympic barbells due to the fact that they hold even more weight and are more sturdy than a regular barbell. In contrast to the Olympic barbells, standard barbells are shorter and lighter. Olympic barbells have 2-inch, rotating sleeves; normal barbells have 1-inch, non-rotating sleeves. Additionally, since the diameter is different between the two bars, you can not make use of normal weight plates on an Olympic barbell (1 inch holed plates), but you can make use of an Olympic sleeve adapter to put Olympic plates on a regular barbell.


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