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Urethane Coated Chrome Handle Kettlebells – Red, 14KG

1) Durable solid cast steel structure;

2) High-quality polyurethane surface;

3) Color Available: Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Grey, Purple;

4) Available Weights: 4KG to 20KG (2KG increments)



Urethane Coated Kettlebells

For kettlebell enthusiasts, these Urethane Coated Kettlebells may be the best choice. The cladding urethane is not only sturdy, but also feature the shock absorption feature. So the polyurethane coating can protect the kettlebell itself and the floor as well.


Unlike rubber-coated kettle bells, polyurethane coated kettle bells not only provide an odor-free coating, but they also suppress noise when a kettle bell hits another during a practice.


Urethane Coated Kettlebells are a great choice for Crossfit facilities, commercial gyms, military training camps and more.

Urethane Coated Kettlebells

1) Urethane Coated Kettlebells feature durable solid cast steel structure with a polyurethane surface;

Due polyurethane is more durable, especially odorless, so we commonly apply it to commercial grade free weights.


2) The smooth chrome handles are pretty fashionable and popular. It’s more comfortable to hold when using a kettle bell;


3) The ergonomic structure makes it easy to handle even during the toughest workouts;


4) These durable kettlebells weigh between 4 and 20 KG in 2KG increments;


5) A range of sizes & bright colors are available. So diversify your workouts by adding weight to core training exercises, such as the arms, abdomen and core muscles.

Weight Color   Weight Color
4KG Pink 14KG Red
6KG Fruit Green 16KG Yellow
8KG Dark Green 18KG Grey
10KG Purple 20KG Blue
12KG Blue


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