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Square Head Rubber Coated Dumbbells

♦ Novel Head: Square Shape;

Anti roll & More safety

♦ Rubber Encased with fixed weight;

minimize noise, floor damage, and wear and tear on the dumbbells themselves

♦ Handle type: Straight knurled with chrome plated;

Size Available (KG):

2.5KG – 50KG in 2.5KG increments.

Size Available (LB):

5LB – 120LB in 5LB increments.

Custom logo is acceptable


We recognize that many trainers and weightlifters still prefer using traditional fixed weight dumbbells. To cater to this segment of trainers, we developed these Square Head Rubber Coated Dumbbells.

1. Signature square shape.

2. Rubber-coated fixed weights. The weights are encased in durable rubber with custom logo.

3. Stable head plates. Thanks to their square shape and flat edges, our dumbbells will stay put on the floor, can be easily stacked and won’t roll off the rack or your bench.

4. Knurled chrome handles. Our fixed-weight dumbbells have durable knurled chrome handles to make them easier to grip and prevent slippage to improve your performance.

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      Contact Us To Get Factory Offer